Why choose us?

Because we have low rates; excellent support; a great simple to use service AND excellent features! You use your own stripe account so you can receive money for your tickets straight to your account, and we only charge 3.6% + £0.30 fee per transactions.

Mobile friendly

Some ticketing systems are archaic. Out platform is easy to use on any device, and simply has a two step buying process for your customers.

Awesome support

You're not on your own! We would be happy to help you set up your event, and are on the end of the phone if you need to chat anything through.

Solid and Secure

We use the latest techology to ensure our service is secure. All card processing is handled and stored by Stripe, and our service is reguarly tested for vulnerabilities.

Easy to use

Create your event, attach your stripe account and start selling tickets to your event in 10 minutes!


We have a ton of options for your ensure you can sell tickets to any sort of event. Sign up and have a play around!


See your ticket sales, total raised, costs and fees and issue refunds all froma simple to use events dashboard.

Easy Management

View your ticket sales, manage your orders and edit your event all from an easy to use dashbaord.

You can view all orders and tickets that have been generated through the site, and users can easily contact you from their order confirmation page.

Platform and Stripe Fees

We want to be as open and transparent with our fees as possible and have tried to keep things as simple as possible. We charge a fee of 3.6% plus £0.30 per order on our site - this is known as the 'Platform Fee'.

Need some Support?

You can contact us by phone or by email. Just click the button below to drop us a message.